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How can the use of intentional electromagnetic interference affect maritime vessels?

The threat of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) has been growing in concern by experts and entities worldwide. Several essential sectors can be targeted by IEMI. They include, for example, power systems, banking systems, water supply, and telecommunications and transportation infrastructures. In addition to onshore assets, IEMI can affect maritime vessels, which perform key economic roles on a global scale. As ...

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Assessing the vulnerability of a smart grid complex system to EMI at SINTEF Energi, Norway

The deployment of smart grid communication devices such as radio modules, sensors, routers and gateways that communicate through various communication channels and protocols over the Internet of Things IoT is rapidly increasing in decentralized energy management systems. The main goals of this work within the PETER project were to design of EMI sources and to set up a measurement procedure ...

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Team-Building Event in Konstantz

After a long period of online meetings and activities, most ESRs could finally meet physically in an informal setup. The idea came from the fact that we are all seniors, and while already aware of each other’s academic expertise through online meetings, a more personal tie existed only between some ESRs. Namely, those who had met and spent time together ...

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Girls Day 2022!

Electrical Engineering… What is it exactly? Well, on April 7th, 30 enthusiastic female students had the chance of having a glance into the fascinating world of electrical engineering at the University of Twente (UT)!

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