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Hasan Habib, ESR5 (KU Leuven)

Hasan Habib is an early stage researcher of the Pan-European Training, research and education network on Electromagnetic Risk management (PETER). In this project, he will carry out research in the topic “IEC 61508 Hardware Based Techniques & Measures for the EMI Risk Reduction”. More specifically, He will develop EMI sensors that can act as a warning system for impending EMI. This research will be conducted by Hasan in the M-Group at KU Leuven Bruges Campus.

Hasan has studied Electrical Engineering in his Master’s and also in Bachelors. He earned his Master’s degree with Distinction from Tampere University of Technology, where he carried out research in the field of RF sensors. During his Master’s research, he analyzed the relation between a wound’s state and the performance of RFID tags. The condition of a wound is proportional to the humidity level inside the bandage. The humidity level, in its turn, then affects the performance of RFID tags. Hence, a relation exists between the performance of RFID tags and a wound’s state. This phenomenon can help physicians to determine the condition of an injury without opening the bandage. After his Master’s, Hasan worked as a lecturer at National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan for three years.