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EMC+CI 2022 in Newbury, UK

A PETER-based conference session will be held at EMC+CI 2022 in Newbury, UK on May 19th. PETER session topic “Management of the risks that can be caused by EMI” gathering a wide variety of cases in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering that need risk management. The session is chaired by Oskari Leppäaho (ESR 8).

In the session, four PETER ESRs will give their presentations. First, Oskari (ESR 8) will talk about electromagnetic interference (EMI) risk management for EMC and functional safety in product design. He will highlight what differences exist in these two facets of EM risk management. Then, Lokesh (ESR 3) will go more in detail to risk-based EMC with a topic “Adopting a risk-based EMC approach – Is it necessary and how can it be done?”. Similarly, Mohammad (ESR 11) goes more in detail on how electromagnetic environment should be taken into account in the operational design domain definition commonly used in the design of functional safety systems. At the end of the session, Qazi (ESR 7) will lead the audience into a different viewpoint of EM risk management while talking about integrated circuit (IC) obsolescence management from EMC perspective. He will present a strong argument why IC immunity models concentrating on conducted pulse immunity (ICIM-CPI) are needed to do effective obsolescence management.

In addition to the PETER session, Dr. Alastair Ruddle, a supervisor of ESR 3, will give a pre-recorded video presentation with a topic “Model validation: less simple than it sounds” in the simulation session.

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