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Zhao Chen, ESR12 (Barco NV)

Zhao Chen is an Early Stage Researcher, affiliated with the Healthcare R&D department at Barco NV. As ESR12, he will focus on EMI-Resilient Medical Display systems for Surgical- and Diagnostic Imaging and Modality Applications. His ultimate objectives are to complete and optimize the existing rule-based Design-for-EMC process with/for IEC 60601-1-2:2014, to specify test-cases that are based on different types and use cases of displays and display systems for medical application and to apply and assess the novel EM-risk analysis methodology on the test-cases.

He obtained his master’s degree from Peking University in CHINA, 2016. Also, he completed his bachelor’s study on Electronic Science & Technology at Southwest Jiaotong University, CHINA, 2013.

His goal is to explore electronics, especially in the field of EMrisk management, and his ambition is to lead the trend of global technology.