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Safe digital data transmission – an achievable goal for the future?

The history of digital data transmission dates back to 1809, where the first digital signals were transmitted for electrical telegraphy. Since then, the field of digital transmission has evolved rapidly and resulted in many digital communication applications used in daily life. However, the safe transmission of data remains a concern.

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Why SOI is important?

According to Market Research Future (MRFR) report, SOI (silicon on insulator) market is predicted to grow a lot by 2026 [1]. SOI is a key factor in different applications such as MEMS and sensors, power and RF components used in automotive, healthcare applications and internet of things (IOT).

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First PETER live conference participation

Not the online one – but real people face-to-face. The first ESRs were supposed to present live in Rome, Italy for 2020 EMC Europe, but the pandemic changed the plans. Now, our first ESR got to experience a live conference in Angers, France participating at ESREL 2021.

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