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Girls Day 2022!

Electrical Engineering… What is it exactly? Well, on April 7th, 30 enthusiastic female students had the chance of having a glance into the fascinating world of electrical engineering at the University of Twente (UT)!

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Girls’ Day 2022

Electrical Engineering… What is it exactly? Well, 30 girls will have the chance of finding that out on Thursday, April 7th at the University of Twente!

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EMC+CI 2022 in Newbury, UK

A PETER-based conference session will be held at EMC+CI 2022 in Newbury, UK on May 19th. PETER session topic “Management of the risks that can be caused by EMI” gathering a wide variety of cases in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering that need risk management. The session is chaired by Oskari Leppäaho (ESR 8).

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Organizing this workshop wasn’t so difficult. This is because I did not have to worry about the location and say, the food and drinks that people would need during the workshop, and any other materials that may have needed organizing in case of a physical meeting (so, it’s easy and cheap too).

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Safe digital data transmission – an achievable goal for the future?

The history of digital data transmission dates back to 1809, where the first digital signals were transmitted for electrical telegraphy. Since then, the field of digital transmission has evolved rapidly and resulted in many digital communication applications used in daily life. However, the safe transmission of data remains a concern.

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