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PETER Special Session at EMC Compo 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will have a PETER Special Session at EMC Compo 2021 from March 9-11, 2022. The following papers will be presented at the conference. We wish all the best to these ESRs.

  • “A Comparison among DPI immunities of Multi-stage CSVCOs and Ring Oscillators”
    Authors: Qazi Mashaal Khan (ESR 7), Akram Ramezani, Mohsen Koohestani, Mohamed Ramdani, Richard Perdriau
  • “Comparing Simulated Impact of Single Frequency and Multitone EMI for an Integrated Circuit”
    Authors: Lokesh Devaraj (ESR 3), Qazi Mashaal Khan (ESR 7), Alastair Ruddle, Alistair Duffy
  • “A new TRL/TRM PCB-based Calibration Method for On-Board Devices Under Test (DUTs)”
    Authors: Akram Ramezani (ESR 14), Qazi Mashaal Khan (ESR 7), Hugo Pues
  • “Digital and Analogue Hardware Design of an On-Board EMI Detector”
    Authors: Hasan Habib (ESR 5), Tim Claeys, Richard Perdriau, Davy Pissoort