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A Success Story

My lifestyle has changed positively since the beginning of Covid-19, thanks to digital detox challenge!

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The Threat of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI)

In the movie Ocean's Eleven, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts, 11 criminals use a physical device called "the pinch" to facilitate a criminal act in Las Vegas. This device is nothing more than a source that emits electromagnetic pulses that can trigger a blackout in a portion of the power grid. From this perspective, the criminals' goal was to affect the electric grid of the ''city that never sleeps'' to facilitate the theft of a safe containing the wealth of three casinos. This type of criminal act sounds like something out of a Hollywood action movie, doesn't it? But make no mistake, this threat has a name, it's REAL and is growing in concern by experts and entities worldwide. This blog will introduce the so-called Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) threat and why it should be considered carefully in critical infrastructure security plans.

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My Virtual Secondment’s Experience

In 2019, I began my secondment at MST Hospital. About a week, I used to go to the hospital for meetings about my progress. However, due to Covid-19 limitations, it was no longer possible to visit the hospital.

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Risk Management of a PhD student

When we talk about risk mangement within PETER, mostly we related it with EMI. However, for each of us, risks are everywhere and can be related to anything around us. This blog gives an example of how to apply risk management in our lives.

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FRAM in a nutshell

FRAM (Functional Resonance Analysis Method) is a graphical tool for demonstrating how a process is done through multiple functions and activities.

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