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Remote Research and Family-life during COVID-19

Combining research and family-life can be a challenge. Usually, it is still possible to decouple these two to different locations so that there is a certain time for either areas of life. This blog post discusses the results of stuffing it all under the same roof during COVID-19 quarantine.

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Fernando Ribeiro Arduini, ESR15 (Fraunhofer INT)

Fernando Ribeiro Arduini is an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) of the MSCA ETN PETER project at Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis INT, Euskirchen, Germany. He is working on the development of an EMI Risk Management on the Scale of the Smart Grid as a Network of Systems. His focus lies in applying an EMI risk assessment on a typical ...

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EMI Detectors: a key item to enhance safety of the systems?

As we are moving toward advance technologies like Industry 4.0 and autonomous systems, more and more issues related to electromagnetic disturbance are getting common. The EMI detector aims to solve the issue of EMI disturbance by detecting electromagnetic disturbances.

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Learning the Importance of Reproducible Results

It is important for a new Ph.D. student to understand how reproducibility works and how to contribute to the scientific community with results that are straight-forward to reproduce, and on which future work can be easily based.

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