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Topics PETER NWE II Problem Solving Session

During PETER NWE II, there will be a Problem Solving Session. During this session, you, the PETER ESRs, have the opportunity to discuss a certain topic with industry.
Using the form below, you can select your first, second and third preferred topic from the list. Using your answers, the Management Support Team will divide you in 3 groups, i.e. 1 group per topic. The remaining weeks before the NWE, you and your group will discuss the selected topic and will prepare a presentation about your topic and your groups opinion/stance towards the topic.
During the NWE, your group will present the topic using that presentation. Once presented, the other ESRs and attending industry will discuss the topic with you.

The 3 topics to choose from:

  1. Every new technology generates new EMC issues. Do we need new standards, or are current standards sufficient? Or do we need other approaches? (EMC Standards)
  2. It is impossible to perform a proper EM risk assessment for situations in the future since we do not know how technology and the associated human behaviour will evolve.
    Imagine that an EM-risk assessment was done to put a product on the market 25 years ago, almost nobody ever heard about the internet, let alone the massive impact on wireless connectivity. (EMC Risk Assessment Impossible)
  3. PETER will introduce EM-risk assessment and -management approach as a replacement for a rule based approach, so, forget the rules, no one wants to apply them and they are not appropriate and efficient anyway. (Forget Rule-based Approach)