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PETER ESR papers accepted at IEEE SIPI + EMC Europe 2021

This year, several PETER ESRs have papers accepted at IEEE SIPI + EMC Europe 2021! Congrats to these ESRs:

  • Arash Nateghi (ESR2), ”Vulnerability of Wireless Smart Meter to Electromagnetic Interference Sweep Frequency Jamming Signals”;
  • Lokesh Devaraj (ESR3),
    • “Risk Assessment Approach for EM Resilience in Complex Systems Using Bayesian Networks”;
    • “EMI Risk Estimation for System-Level Functions Using Probabilistic Graphical Models”;
  • Mumpy Das (ESR4), “Time-efficient EMI Risk Evaluation Method in a Hospital Environment”;
  • Hasan Habib (ESR5), (Co-Author) “A System’s Perspective on the Use of EMI Detection and Correction Methods in Safety Critical Systems”;
  • Pejman Memar (ESR6), “Resilience of Reed-Solomon Codes Against Harsh Electromagnetic Disturbances: Influence of Over-Voltage Detection”;
  • Qazi Mashaal Khan (ESR7), “A Comparative Study of On-Chip CMOS S&H Voltage Sensors for Power Integrity: SOI vs. Bulk”;
  • Oskari Leppäaho (ESR8), “Sensitivity of Shielded Cable Transfer Impedance Measurement to Triaxial Cell Diameter”;
  • Arunkumar Hunasanahalli Venkateshaiah (ESR 9), (Co-Author) “Analysis and Estimation of Electromagnetic Energy Coupled into IC packages”;
  • Zhao CHEN (ESR12),”Mutual Influence of Cavity Resonances of a Shielding Enclosure on the Resonance of a Dipole inside that Enclosure”;
  • Vasso Gkatsi (ESR 13), “Risk-based EMC System Analysis Platform of Automotive Environments”
  • Fernando Arduini (ESR15), “A Methodology for Estimating the Criticality of Energy Infrastructures in the Context of IEMI”